MADZAG dog owners are


You make a statement by keeping your dog on leash and always having some waste bag with you (in a pretty bagpouch) . In addition to showing respect to fellow citizens and dog owners you take responsibility for that living creature whose life is entirely in your hands.


We use premium italian leather and high quality metal to give our products a long lifetime. Our collars and leashes have a natural vegetable tanned leather “core” that progresses through time and develops a patina of dark caramel color. Never expose these products to direct heat, neither let your dog swim in these products as water makes leather stiff and dry.


Living in the city you need to hit that perfect balance between stylishness and usefulness. Do so with our timeless and unique designer accessories.You will be surprised how practical they are at the same time.

If you share our values, join the pack!
#madzagpack and #urbandogkeeping

With ♡,
Melinda (our designer) and Habók (a very good boy)

Melinda and Habók, her assistant