The Madzag Story


The idea of Madzag was born in 2012, when I decided to have a dog. 
As a designer, I felt that this was my way of expressing my love and appreciation for him.

And despite starting as a very private project, I immediately felt this has much more to offer than just styling. My vision was to create a brand that would manifest all the things important for me as a designer: high quality, ethical production using local workforce, connecting traditional craftsmanship with contemporary visual culture. It must reflect the progress of this very special relationship between human and hound and its importance in the XXIst century.

It became a reality after I returned to Budapest from my internship in Madrid in 2014. A few months of modelling and designing passed, till I had my first prototypes ready. In 2015 I founded the company. In the summer of 2016 Fruzsina Kozma joined the team, helping with the development of sales and marketing. 

A collar and a leash represents the connection between human and canine. It is the means of communication between you two. 
Every time you touch the leash, the feel of it, the smell and the colour reminds you of your journey together. It stores all your experiences together and holds the promise of the future adventures.

We support that urban dog keepers be responsible and respectful, not only with fellow citizens but with the environment, too. 
This is why it is important to buy good quality dog supplies that you can enjoy longer. 
Our blog communicates that responsible urban dog keeping is great, not only for dog and their human, but for their environment also!

We invite you to discover our collars, leashes, harnesses and all the joy of keeping a dog happy and stylish in the city.
Much love,

Melinda Molnár
managing designer,
human of Habók, the Whippet boy

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