Size guide


XS 20 cm - 25 cm (Border terrier, Toy Poodle, Italian greyhound)
S 25 cm - 30 cm (smaller Jack Russell terrier, Foxterrier, Chihuahua )
M 30 cm - 35 cm (Bichon, Wirehaired Dachshund)
L 35 cm - 40 cm (Vizsla, Pug, Frenchie)
XL 40 cm - 45 cm (German Pointer, Golden Retriever, English Springer spaniel)
XXL 44 cm- 50 cm (Labrador, Dalmatian)

Fix collars 

2 cm size S
2.5 cm - size M- XL e.g. The Basic Collection, The Moonshine collection
3 cm size XXL

For dogs with long neck:

Straight cut collars

width: 4 cm (2.5 cm at the buckle) - e.g. The Basic collection, The Moonshine Collection

Greyhound collars of the Bauhaus collection
Classical greyhound cut

S 25 cm - 30 cm (Italian greyhound)
M 30 cm - 35 cm (Whippet or a young Hungarian greyhound)
L 35 cm - 40 cm (Greyhound, Borzoi, Hungarian greyhound)


We only create custom- sized harnesses.
For sizing, available colours and pricing please contact us.

We will give you proper guidance how to measure your dog for a harness.


A Short Leash: 2.5 cm wide and 40 cm long
for walks in a crowded city or travelling on public transportation.


Simple Leash: 2 cm (thin) or 2.5 cm (normal) wide and 100 cm long
For regular city walks 

A Long Leash: 2 cm wide and 150 cm long
For the most freedom, with a metal loop in the middle.

A Multiway Leash: 2.5 cm wide and 100 cm long, with a carabiner on both ends
For the urban multi- purpose leash lovers, who like to adapt to every situation quickly.