Madzag X Olovka Studio Enamel Pin Collection

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Our collaboration with the fantastic Hungarian brand Olovka Studio

We had by our illustrator, Levente Csordás some of our favorite dog breeds illustrated, then you voted which one you wished to see and wear closest to your hearts. 

The Shiba Inu, the graceful little fox-faced doggo with the most fabulous tail curl, was chosen to be your loyal jewel-to-go.

And we couldn't help it: we added the breed that came second in the vote.

The sweet Puli, our national symbol of herding and hyperactivity, the cutest little haystack you have ever laid your eyes on is here to stick with you (or your favorite garment) forever.

The collection just grew with our newest release:
The lovely Greyhound- our personal favorite- lying gently and gracefully on your jacket, with a heartwarming smile.

Gold plated hard enamel pin with butterfly clutch. VAT included.